Known as BISCUIT by those who love her

In 2003, I was in Missouri taking care of some family business and I kept seeing this stray black puppy foraging in trash cans and dodging traffic. I tried several times to catch this abandoned young puppy but hadn’t been successful. My last attempt came the last night I was there. I was standing on the porch listening to it rain and I happened to look a few houses down and across the street. At that house I saw an upside down boat anchored to a chain link fence. Under the boat was the boat was the black puppy that had eluded me for several days. I thought to myself, “It’s now or never”.


It was thanks to the heavy rain, which forced the puppy to seek shelter under that boat. I approached her slowly and having nowhere to escape, I was finally able to touch her. Under my hand was a skinny pup with matted hair and a couple of sores here and there. The two of us sat under that boat getting to know each other for about thirty minutes  Afterwards I walked in the pouring rain, with her in my arms and I knew from the time we spent under that boat that this kind soul would have a forever home with me.


I am forever grateful for what she has contributed to my rescue efforts. She is the caring soul that played with the puppies I rescued. To the Jacks I rescued with behavior issues she was the non-reactive dog I needed to help me rehabilitate them so they could be adopted.


When my daughter, Kaycie, was growing up Biscuit is the dog I had complete trust in to keep her safe and taught my daughter to be compassionate about animals.


Biscuit has earned the Canine Good Citizen award from The American Kennel Club. I believe Biscuit is a German Shepherd and Rottweiler mix.


I have never regretted saving that skinny little black puppy from underneath a boat in the pouring rain in Missouri.

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