Dirty Rock N Robin
Dirty Rock N Robin

A little bit about me

In 2000, I was introduced to the Jack Russell Terrier breed while training show horses. I became very passionate about the Jack Russell Terrier breed and that inspired me to start a breed specific Jack Russell Terrier rescue. In 2005 I started Robbin’s Rescued Russells (RRR). My main focus was the Jack Russells whose owners had been turned away from other rescues because their Jack had behavior issues, and/or a bite history.


Every Jack Russell that entered into my rescue program came into my home and lived just as my personal dogs did. When I brought a Jack into my rescue program, the first thing I did was to have a health exam done by a licensed veterinarian, address any health issues, and have them spayed or neutered if they came to me unaltered. While in my home I monitored their behavior and addressed any “issues” their previous owners had experienced. Through positive re-enforcement training I was able to modify any behavior issues they had and gave them opportunities to learn any social skills they lacked, and of course, they received the much-needed love they deserve, Once these goals were accomplished I would offer that Jack up for adoption. They remained a member of my family until an appropriate adoptive home with people who understand and accept the characteristics of this energetic devoted breed was found. Sadly there was a couple that I just could not offer for adoption in good conscious so they are now valued members of my family.


Often I am contacted by Jack Russell owners seeking advice on various subject matters such as aggression issues, behavior issues, training questions and training Jack Russells for different sporting events. To these people, I offer advice and suggestions based on years of personal experiences living with and training Jack Russells and over ten years of being involved in rescue.


After ten years of rescuing I am no longer rescuing Jack Russells on my own. I have teamed up with Jack Russell Rescue CA and serve as a member of their Board. If you would like more information about Jack Russells, or if I can help you with your Jack Russell I can be contacted by email at jrtresq@gmail.com or by sending a text message to 661.487.2192.


I travel throughout California and Nevada competing in Terrier Trials, Flyball tournaments, Agility Trials, and Barn Hunt Trials with my rescued Jack Russells. I also dabble in Nosework and Rally. I feel truly blessed to be a part of each and every one of my dogs’ lives. For those of you wondering if a dog that is sitting on Death Row at an overcrowded Kill Shelter can be competitive at different venues, please visit my Trial Results page here on my website. These dogs very well deserve the Second Chance through Adoption they received when I rescued and adopted them.








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