No Battery Included

Known as ZEPHYR by those who love him


If you look closely you will see the image of Mickey Mouse in his tan markings over his back. I toyed with the thought of naming him Mickey. I have liked the name ZEPHYR since I was a teenager and decided on naming him Zephyr. I came up with the name “Batteries Not Included” because he isn’t “wound up tight” like some dogs can be. He has a very laid back personality. Zephyr has been with me since I started my rescue program, and I am grateful to him for tolerating all of the rescued dogs that have come through my program.


Zephyr has been playing Flyball since 2007 and currently is on Tailspins Flyball Racing Team. He may not be the fastest dog on the team but he enjoys the game and often is called Mr. Consistent by some of his teammates. He has earned the following titles from the North Amerian Flyball Association (NAFA): FDX, FD, FDCH, FDCH-S, FDCH-G, and FD, earning a total of a total of 9,569 points.


Since 2013 Zephyr has begun competing in flyball tournaments sanctioned by the United Flyball League International (U-fli) earning a total of 510 points and the following titles TF, & TFI


Zephyr is recorded with the JRTCA, and has earned their Go To Ground Trial & Super Earth Certificates. True to the breed Zephyr loves to hunt and excels at JRTCA Sanctioned Terrier Trials in the Go to Ground and Super Earth divisions. He has earned Championships and Reserve Championships in the Veterans class in both Go To Ground and Super Earth divisions.


                       NAFA Point System

       Team Times                     Points Earned 

23.999 seconds and under        25 points per heat

24 seconds up to 27.999            5 points per heat

28 seconds up to 31.999            1 point per heat


                      U-Fli Point System

       Team Times                           Points Earned

19.999 seconds and under              30 points per heat

20 seconds up to 24.999                 25 points per heat

25 seconds up to 31.999                 15 points per heat

30 seconds up to 35.000                 10 points per heat

 5 bonus points are awarded to the winning dogs in each heat.




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